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        黃宇敏  博士

        • 辦公電話:

        • 郵  箱: hym@uestc.edu.cn

        • 辦公地點: 計算機樓東208


        Yumin Huang

        Lecturer, School of Materials and Energy

        Email: hym@uestc.edu.cn


        Education Profile

        Ph.D., Organic Chemistry, Sichuan University, 2015

        B.S., Chemistry, Sichuan University, 2010


        Work Experience:

        University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, 2015


        Research Interests:

        His research interests focus on synthesis of high-performance polymers, and development of high-performance membranes, hybrid organic/inorganic membranes and microporous polymer membranes for flexible energy devices, sensors, or water treatment.


        Selected Publications

        [1] K. Jia*, X. He, X. Zhou, D. Zhang, P. Wang, Y. Huang*, X. Liu*, Solid state effective  luminescent probe based on CdSe@CdS/amphiphilic co-polyarylene ether nitrile core-shell superparticles for Ag+ detection and optical strain sensing, Sens. Actuators, B, 2018, 257, 442-450.

        [2] M. Feng, Y. Huang*, T. Cheng, X. Liu*, Synergistic effect of graphene oxide and carbon nanotubes on sulfonated poly(arylene ether nitrile)-based proton conducting membranes, Int. J. Hydrogen Energy, 2017, 42, 8224-8232.

        [3] M. Feng, T. Cheng, X. Huang, Y. Huang*, X. Liu*, Nitrile functionalized graphene oxide for highly selective sulfonated poly(arylene ether nitrile)-based proton-conducting membranes, RSC Adv., 2017, 7, 2971-2978.

        [4] M. Feng, Y. You, P. Zheng, J. Liu, K. Jia, Y. Huang*, X. Liu*, Low-swelling proton-conducting multi-layer composite membranes containing polyarylene ether nitrile and sulfonated carbon nanotubes for fuel cells, Int. J. Hydrogen Energy, 2016, 41, 5113-5122.

        [5] Y. Huang*, Y. Luo, M. Xu, Y. Lei, X. Liu*, Studied on mechanical, thermal and dielectric properties of BPh/PEN-OH copolymer, Composites, Part B, 2016, 106, 294-299.

        [6] Q. Wu, C. Du, Y. Huang, X. Liu, Z. Long, F. Song, J. You*, Stoichiometric to catalytic reactivity of the aryl cycloaurated species with arylboronic acids: insight into the mechanism of gold-catalyzed oxidative C(sp2)–H arylation, Chem. Sci., 2015, 6, 288-293.

        [7] Y. Huang, D. Wu, J. Huang, Q. Guo, J. Li, J. You*, Use of the Wilkinson Catalyst for the ortho-C–H Heteroarylation of Aromatic Amines: Facile Access to Highly Extended π-Conjugated Heteroacenes for Organic Semiconductors, Angew. Chem., Int. Ed., 2014, 53, 12158-12162.

        [8] Y. Huang, G. Li, J. Huang, J. You*, Palladium-Catalyzed Direct ortho-C–H Ethoxycarboxylation of Anilides at Room Temperature, Org. Chem. Front., 2014, 1, 347-350.

        [9] Z. She, Y. Shi, Y. Huang, Y. Cheng, F. Song*, J. You*, Versatile palladium-catalyzed C–H olefination of (hetero)arenes at room temperature, Chem. Commun., 2014, 50, 13914-13916.

        [10] B. Liu, Y. Huang, J. Lan, F. Song, J. You*, Pd-Catalyzed Oxidative C–H/C–H Cross-Coupling of Pyridines with Heteroarenes, Chem. Sci., 2013, 4, 2163-2167.

        [11] Z. Wang, F. Song, Y. Zhao, Y. Huang, L. Yang, D. Zhao, J. Lan, J. You*, Elements of Regiocontrol in the Direct Heteroarylation of Indoles/Pyrroles: Synthesis of Bi- and Fused Polycyclic Heteroarenes by Twofold or Tandem Fourfold C–H Activation, Chem.-Eur. J., 2012, 18, 16616-16620.

        [12] J. Dong, Y. Huang, X. Qin, Y. Cheng, J. Hao, D. Wan, W. Li, X. Liu, J. You*, Palladium(II)-Catalyzed Oxidative C–H/C–H Cross-Coupling between Two Structurally Similar Azoles, Chem.-Eur. J., 2012, 18, 6158-6162.

        [13] Y. Huang, F. Song, Z. Wang, P. Xi, N. Wu, Z. Wang, J. Lan, J. You*, Dehydrogenative Heck coupling of biologically relevant N-heteroarenes with alkenes: discovery of fluorescent core frameworks, Chem. Commun., 2012, 48, 2864-2866.




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