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        U2电竞体育  >  師資隊伍  >  師資介紹  >  全部  >  正文

        樊聰   博士

        郵  箱: fancong@uestc.edu.cn

        出生:1985年3月U2电竞体育,副教授(Assoc. Prof.)。碩士導師代碼:12077。

        以第一/通訊作者在Chemical Society ReviewsU2电竞体育、Angewandte Chemie International Edition、Nano EnergyU2电竞体育、Chemistry of Materials、Journal of Materials Chemistry AU2电竞体育、ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces、ChemSusChem、Chemical Communications等期刊發表SCI論文30余篇。

        Web of Science作者識別號:orcid.org/0000-0002-9603-1594;目前發表SCI論文他引次數>1000次;H-index=20。






















        Mendeley Profile:https://www.mendeley.com/profiles/cong-fan7


        2019 Year

        (31) Y. Hu[+], W. Tang[+], Q. Yu[+], C. Yang,C. Fan*, "In-situ Electrochemical Synthesis of Novel Lithium-rich Organic Cathode for All-organic Li-ion Full Batteries" ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces,2019,accepted. (IF=8.456,工程大一區)

        (30) M. Xiong[+], W. Tang[+], B. Cao, C. Yang,C. Fan*, "A small-molecule organic cathode with fast charge-discharge capability for K-ion batteries"J. Mater. Chem. A, 2019, accepted. (IF=10.733,工程大一區)

        (29) D. Li, W. Tang, C. Wang, C. Fan*, "A polyanionic organic cathode for highly efficient K-ion full batteries"Electrochem. Commun., 2019,105, 106509. (IF=4.197,工程大二區)

        (28) W. Tang[+], H. He[+], J. Shi[+], B. Cao[+], C. Yang, C. Fan*, "Poly(N-vinylcarbazole) (PVK) as a high-potential organic polymer cathode for dual-intercalation Na-ion batteries"Org. Electron., 2019,75, 105386. (IF=3.495,工程大二區)

        (27)C. Fan*[+], J. Pei[+], J. Zhao[+], M. Huang[+], W. Tang*, J. Hu, B. Cao*, H. Tan, S. Tao* and C. Yang*, "A Yellow Organic Emitter with Novel D-A3Architecture and Hidden Delayed Fluorescence forHighly Efficient Monochromatic OLEDs" Org. Electron., 2019,73, 102-108. (IF=3.495,工程大二區)

        (26) W. Tang[+], R. Liang[+], D. Li[+], Q. Yu, J. Hu, B. Cao andC. Fan*, "Highly Stable and High Rate-Performance Na-Ion Batteries Using Polyanionic Anthraquinone as the Organic Cathode" ChemSusChem, 2019,12, 2181-2185. (IF=7.804,化學大一區)

        (25) C. Wang, W. Tang, Z. Yao, B. Cao andC. Fan*, "Potassium Perylene-tetracarboxylate with Two-electron Redox Behaviors as a Highly Stable Organic Anode for K-ion Batteries"Chem. Commun., 2019,55, 1801-1804. (IF=6.164,化學大一區)

        (24) X. Du[+], J. Huang[+]*, J. Zhang[+], Y. Yan, C. Wu, Y. Hu, C. Yan, T. Lei, W. Chen,C. Fan*and J. Xiong*, "Modulating Electronic Structures of Inorganic Nanomaterials for Efficient Electrocatalytic Water Splitting"Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2019,58, 4484-4502. (IF=12.257,review,化學大一區)

        2018 Year

        (23) C. Wang, W. Tang, Z. Yao, Y. Chen, J. Pei andC. Fan*, "Using an Organic Acid as a Universal Anode for Highly Efficient Li-ion, Na-ion and K-ion Batteries"Org. Electron., 2018,62,536-541. (IF=3.680)

        (22) W. Li, J. Zhao, L. Li, X. Du,C. Fan*, C. Zheng and S. Tao*, “Efficient solution-processed blue and white OLEDs based on a high-triplet bipolar host and a blue TADF emitter”Org. Electron., 2018,58, 276-282. (IF=3.399)

        2017 Year

        (21) C. Li, H. Tan, J. Pei, C. Wang,C. Fan*, F. Huang, B. Cao*, M. Hao, Y. Li, Z. Wang and J. Li*, "One-step Synthesis of Novel Poly(terephthalate-alt-benzoquinone) with High Specific Capacity as a Stable Organic Cathode in Li-ion Batteries"New J. Chem., 2017,41, 14539-14544. (IF=3.277)

        (20)C. Fan*, M. Zhao, C. Li, C. Wang, B. Cao, X. Chen, Y. Li and J. Li*, "Investigating the Electrochemical Behavior of Cobalt(II) Terephthalate (CoC8H4O4) as the Organic Anode in K-ion Battery"Electrochim. Acta,2017,253, 333-338. (IF=4.798)

        (19) C. Li, Q. Deng, H. Tan, C. Wang,C. Fan*, J. Pei, B. Cao*, Z. Wang and J. Li*, "Para-Conjugated Dicarboxylates with Extended Aromatic Skeletons as the Highly Advanced Organic Anodes for K-ion Battery"ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces,2017,9, 27414-27420. (IF=7.504)

        (18) J. Pei[+], X. Du[+], C. Li[+], C. Wang,C. Fan*, H. Tan, B. Cao*, F. Huang, S. Tao* and J. Li*, "Highly twisted organic molecules withortholinkage as the efficient bipolar hosts for sky-blue thermally activated delayed fluorescence emitter in OLEDs"Org. Electron., 2017,50, 153-160. (IF=3.399)

        (17) W. Jia, Q. Wang, J. Yang,C. Fan*, L. Wang and J. Li*, "Pretreatment of Lithium Foil by Using Iodic Acid (HIO3) to Improve its Anode Performance in Lithium-Sulfur Battery"ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces,2017,9, 7068-7074. (IF=7.145)

        (16) Q. Deng, J. Pei,C. Fan*, J. Ma, B. Cao*, C. Li, Y. Jin, L. Wang and J. Li*, "Potassium Salts ofpara-Aromatic Dicarboxylates as the Highly Efficient Organic Anodes for Low-cost K-ion Batteries"Nano Energy, 2017,33, 350-355. (IF=11.553, ESI highly cited paper)

        (15) Q. Deng, S.-J. He, J. Pei,C. Fan*, C. Li, B. Cao*, Z.-H. Lu* and J. Li*, "Exploitation of redox-active 1,4-dicyanobenzene and 9,10-dicyanoanthracene as the organic electrode materials in rechargeable lithium battery"Electrochem. Commun.,2017,75, 29-32. (IF=4.569)

        2016 Year

        (14) Q. Deng,C. Fan*, L. Wang, B. Cao*, Y. Jin, C.-M. Che and J. Li*, "Organic Potassium Terephthalate (K2C8H4O4) with Stable Lattice Structure Exhibits Excellent Cyclic and Rate Capability in Li-ion Batteries"Electrochim. Acta,2016,222, 1086-1093. (IF=4.803)

        (13) J. Xue,C. Fan*, Q. Deng, M. Zhao, L. Wang, A. Zhou and J. Li*, "Silver Terephthalate (Ag2C8H4O4) Offeringin-situFormed Metal/Organic Nanocomposite as the Highly Efficient Organic Anode in Li-ion and Na-ion Batteries"Electrochim. Acta,2016,219, 418-424. (IF=4.803)

        (12) W. Jia,C. Fan*, L. Wang, Q. Wang, M. Zhao, A. Zhou and J. Li*, "Extremely Accessible Potassium Nitrate (KNO3) as the Highly Efficient Electrolyte Additive in Lithium Battery"ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces,2016,8, 15399-15405. (IF=7.145)

        (11) J. Xue,C. Fan*, L. Wang, A. Zhou and J. Li*, "Silver-mediated calcium terephthalate with enhanced electronic conductivity as an organic anode for efficient Li-ion batteries"RSC Adv.,2016,6, 29404-29409. (IF=3.289)

        2014 Year (before employment)

        (10)C. Fanand C. Yang*, "Yellow/orange emissive heavy-metal complexes as phosphors in monochromatic and white organic light-emitting devices"Chem. Soc. Rev., 2014,43, 6439-6469. (review, ESI highly cited paper, citing times > 200)

        (9)C. Fan[+], L. Zhu[+], T. Liu, B. Jiang, D. Ma*, J. Qin and C. Yang*, "Using an Organic Molecule with Low Triplet Energy as a Host in a Highly Efficient Blue Electrophosphorescent Device"Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.,2014,53, 2147-2151.

        2013 Year

        (8)C. Fan, L. Zhu, B. Jiang, C. Zhong, D. Ma*, J. Qin and C. Yang*, "Efficient blue and bluish-green iridium phosphors: Fine-tuning emissions of FIrpic by halogen substitution on pyridine-containing ligands"Org. Electron.,2013,14, 3163-3171.

        (7)C. Fan[+], J. Miao[+], B. Jiang, C. Yang*, H. Wu*, J. Qin and Y. Cao, "Highly efficient, solution-processed orange–red phosphorescent OLEDs by using new iridium phosphor with thieno[3,2-c]pyridine derivative as cyclometalating ligand"Org. Electron.,2013,14, 3392-3398.

        (6)C. Fan[+], L. Zhu[+], B. Jiang, Y. Li, F. Zhao, D. Ma*, J. Qin and C. Yang*, "High Power Efficiency Yellow Phosphorescent OLEDs by Using New Iridium Complexes with Halogen-Substituted 2-Phenylbenzo[d]thiazole Ligands"J. Phys. Chem. C,2013,117, 19134-19141.

        (5)C. Fan, Y. Chen, Z. Liu, Z. Jiang, C. Zhong, D. Ma*, J. Qin and C. Yang*, "Tetraphenylsilane derivatives spiro-annulated by triphenylamine/carbazole with enhanced HOMO energy levels and glass transition temperatures without lowering triplet energy: host materials for efficient blue phosphorescent OLEDs"J. Mater. Chem. C,2013,1, 463-469.

        2012 Year

        (4)C. Fan, Y. Li, C. Yang*, H. Wu*, J. Qin and Y. Cao, "Phosphoryl/Sulfonyl-Substituted Iridium Complexes as Blue Phosphorescent Emitters for Single-Layer Blue and White Organic Light-Emitting Diodes by Solution Process"Chem. Mater.,2012,24, 4581-4587.

        (3)C. Fan, F. Zhao, P. Gan, S. Yang, T. Liu, C. Zhong, D. Ma*, J. Qin and C. Yang*, "Simple Bipolar Molecules Constructed from Biphenyl Moieties as Host Materials for Deep-Blue Phosphorescent Organic Light-Emitting Diodes"Chem.-Eur. J.,2012,18, 5510-5514.

        2010 Year

        (2)C. Fan, Y. Chen, P. Gan, C. Yang*, C. Zhong, J. Qin and D. Ma*, "Tri-, Tetra- and Pentamers of 9,9'-Spirobifluorenes through Fullortho-Linkage: High Triplet-Energy Pure Hydrocarbon Host for Blue Phosphorescent Emitter"Org. Lett.,2010,12, 5648-5651.

        (1)C. Fan, Y. Chen, Z. Jiang, C. Yang*, C. Zhong, J. Qin and D. Ma*, "Diarylmethylene-bridged triphenylamine derivatives encapsulated with fluorene: very highTghost materials for efficient blue and green phosphorescent OLEDs"J. Mater. Chem.,2010,20, 3232-3237.


        2.國家自然科學基金-青年科學基金(No. 51603028)(2017.01-2019.12)



        1.楊楚羅,樊聰U2电竞体育U2电竞体育,秦金貴,基于聯苯的雙極載流子傳輸主體材料及其應用,授權公告日:2015年08月19日,專利號:ZL 2011 1 0385407.7(中國)

        2.楊楚羅U2电竞体育,劉騰霄,樊聰U2电竞体育,基于4,4'-聯雙芴結構的9,9'-位連接的主體材料及其應用,授權公告日:2016年03月30日U2电竞体育,專利號:ZL 2014 1 0471700.9(中國)



        1. 有機儲能材料(organic energy-storage materials):有機電極材料(鋰/鈉/鉀等電池)(organic electrodes for Li, Na, K, etc. batteries)

        2. 有機光電材料(organic opt-electronic materials):有機發光二極管(organic light-emitting diodes),有機太陽能電池(organic solar cells)

        3. 有機過渡金屬化學(organometallics)

        4. 電化學原理及應用(electrochemical methods: fundamental and applications)U2电竞体育,量子計算化學(quantum chemistry)

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